Reno Whole Foods is a Winner

I’ve been to a number of Whole Foods in my travels, and to be honest some are better than others. I’ve never actually been to one that I’ve hated, but some just have better lunch selections. And then there are those that rise above the rest, like the store in Reno.

I went there for lunch a few weeks ago on my way into town, and in a word I was wowed. Their hot food and salad bar buffet was simply incredible. I loaded my plate up with a lot of veggies and salad greens and grabbed a few marinated mushrooms before I moved over to the hot food bar and picked up some spicy green beans and a few wings. I topped my greens with a nice low-sodium ginger teriyaki dressing that had just 70 calories per tablespoon.

Charles went a different direction with chicken masala, curried cauliflower, quinoa and chick peas in a tangy sauce.

And these very healthy and tasty meals cost us just $8.99 per pound.

I also loved the inside eating area. It was clean and large, and they also had a covered patio with tables and chairs.

I have to add that this is the first Whole Foods I’ve been to that has a beer and wine bar. It was kind of fun to see people sipping on their brews while shopping for food. I didn’t try it this time, but perhaps I will on my next visit.

I stop in Reno frequently for lunch, and I am definitely adding Whole Foods to my list. It’s a winner for sure!

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