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New Book Reveals Travel Writer’s Weight Loss Secrets

RIPON, CA — January 20, 2014 — If you’re tired of diets that don’t work, or of loosing 20 pounds only to gain back 30, then pick up a copy of Candy Harrington’s newest -book, Eating Well on the Road; A Travel Writer’s Strategy for Weight Loss Healthy Living and Lifestyle Changes.

This helpful resource outlines Harrington’s easy-to-implement Lifestyle Plan, and includes tips, strategies and resources that will help you lose weight and keep it off — at home, as well as on the road. This time-tested strategy helped Candy and her travel photographer husband Charles Pannell, lose weight, lower their cholesterol levels, and avoid hypertension.

Says Harrington, “It wasn’t unusual for us to eat more than 2,500 calories on press trips by mid-day, and that was before the big dinner and media reception. Unfortunately we brought that unhealthy lifestyle home. So I realized that in order to drop the excess baggage we needed to implement a Lifestyle Plan at home, and then take it on the road.”

 Filled with helpful strategies and advice, the book includes the basics of the Lifestyle Plan as well as over 100 low-calorie recipes. It also focuses on:

  • The Secret of Menu Planning
  • Why Snacking is Essential
  • How to Really Read a Label
  • Working in Some Exercise
  • Ferreting Out Hidden Sodium at the Supermarket

Although the Lifestyle Plan begins at home, it’s very flexible so you can also put it into practice on the road. To that end, Harrington also includes helpful tips for making healthy meal choices at fast food restaurants, airports and even on cruise ships. She also suggests strategies to make restaurant meals healthier, and gives advice on how to make better food choices at conferences and business meetings.

Additionally, Harrington includes helpful advice on customizing the Lifestyle Plan. “There’s no one method that works for everyone, so since this is something that you will live with for the rest of your life, it has to work for you,” she explains. “For example, Charles really loves sweets, so we figured out a way to work that into his Lifestyle Plan; while I’m more of a cheese person, so that had to be part of my Lifestyle Plan.”

As a travel writer for over 30 years Harrington has traveled all over the world covering accessible travel. She continues her career today, but without succumbing to the calorie-laden meals, cocktail receptions and never ending media buffets found on many press trips. Instead she continues her Lifestyle Plan on the road, and has maintained her weight loss for 4 years. Candy also blogs about healthy living and weight loss issues at

Eating Well on the Road; A Travel Writer’s Strategy for Weight Loss, Healthy Living and Lifestyle Changes ($10.99, 215 pages, 7 X 10 paperback, ISBN: 978-0-61594-561-3; $10.99, Kindle, ISBN: 978-1-63173-971-2) is available at or

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