Turkey Tamales

Photo of ingredients for turkey tamales

All the ingredients for turkey tamales



4 C cooked turkey, shredded
1 2/3 C Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde


6 C Maseca corn masa flour
6 C home made or low-sodium chicken broth
1 C canola oil
1 t baking powder
1 bag corn husks


See the blog post showing how to assemble tamales

Marinate turkey in salsa verde overnight. Taste the next morning and add more salsa if a stronger flavor is desired.

Separate and soak corn husks in warm water, before you begin mixing the masa.

Mix together masa flour, chicken broth, oil and baking powder. Stir until ingredients are mixed and texture is consistent.

Take a softened corn husk and lay it lengthwise on the counter. Starting on the bottom edge of the wide end of the husk, spread ¼ C masa into a 4-inch square, keeping it even with the wide edge. Spoon 1 T of turkey mixture on the masa. Roll the bottom edge of corn husk over the turkey mixture, until it meets the top edge, encircles the filling and forms a cylinder. Fold the narrow edge of the corn husk to the center and finish rolling the tamale. Stack tamales seam side down in a tamale steamer, with the open end pointing up. Continue until you have used all of the turkey mixture.

Fill the bottom part of the tamale steamer with water, place a damp towel over the tamales and cover with lid. Cook on medium heat for 50 minutes. When checking the tamales, carefully lift the lid away from you, remove the towel and take out one tamale with kitchen tongs. Tamales are done if the masa is firm and doesn’t stick to the corn husk when unwrapped. Cool tamales on counter. Freeze for later use, or enjoy right away. For added flavor, spoon enchilada sauce over tamales when served.


32 Servings
Calories: 99
Sodium: 52 mg.

Nutritional calculation made with Trader Joe’s Low Sodium chicken broth. Enchilada sauce not included.

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