Gluten-Free Dining in Zephyr Cove

Gluten-Free Chicken Sandwich and Salad at Zephyr Cove Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe

Sometimes you have to be creative on the road when you are dodging the gluten, so I have taken to ordering my sandwiches without the bread. This has lead to more than few quizzical looks from servers, but it’s one way to stick to my lifestyle plan while traveling. Yesterday I was all set to order my standard no bread sandwich at the Zephyr Cove Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe, when I saw those four glorious words at the bottom of the menu — “gluten-free buns available”. For a few moments I was in heaven.

I perused the menu a bit more carefully, so as not to squander my gluten-free choice. In the end I went with the grilled chicken sandwich, served with a slice of fresh mozzarella, some pesto mayo and all the fixings. I have to admit it was a tad bit messy, but it was also very yummy.

For my side I steered away from the fries and got a nice garden salad — and let me tell you, it was so large that I didn’t even finish it. And although they didn’t have honey mustard dressing on the menu, they made some special for me. This wasn’t because I was a visiting journalist — they had no idea — it was just because they have good customer service. But I do have to say that my waitress got a good tip for pulling that one off.

Gluten-Free Salmon Sandwich with Broccoli Salad

Charles was happy to see the gluten-free buns on the menu too, and he opted for the salmon sandwich. It was a step above you average fish sandwich as it came with kalamata olive oil goat cheese spread, bacon and mixed greens. He also steered away from the fries, and instead ordered their broccoli bacon salad, which had broccoli, bacon and tomatoes, mixed up in a light dressing.

In the end we both had a tasty lunch, which wasn’t served up with a side order of guilt. I’m putting this gem on my list for my next Tahoe visit!

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