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Photo of Candy's breakfast in BelizeAs a travel writer for over 30 years, Candy Harrington has spent a good deal of time on the road. Unfortunately her lifestyle wasn’t exactly conducive to keeping off the pounds. As the years rolled by, she attended cocktail receptions, press lunches, lavish dinners and cuisine-filled press trips; and as a result she began to pack on weight — to the point where it became a health issue.

When she finally decided to do something about it, she realized that a diet would not work, and what she needed was a total lifestyle change. So she started at home and implemented her Lifestyle Plan; then, when she was comfortable with it, she took it on the road .It was a huge success for both Candy and her travel photographer husband, Charles Pannell. They lost over 20% of their body weight, and lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Candy then penned her first lifestyle book, Eating Well on the Road; A Travel Writer’s Strategy for Healthy Eating, Weight Control and Lifestyle Changes. The title focuses on menu planning, product selection, restaurant choices and alternative meal options at home and on the road. She followed it up with Shrimp My Way; Low Calorie, Easy Prep and Simply Delicious.

Today Candy still travels the world, writing about accessible travel options for wheelchair-users and slow walkers, but she does it without gaining weight. Along the way, she blogs about the challenges she encounters and the solutions she finds at EatingWellontheRoad.com.

Candy’s professional memberships include the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).

Candy and Charles call the California Sierras home, in a town that’s not even on the map.


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