Yummy Tortilla Crusted Tilapia

The Costco sample lady got me again! This time it was with High Liner tortilla crusted tilapia. I have to admit that I reluctantly tried the sample, because I’ve just not been too impressed with tilapia in the past. It’s such a mild fish, and it really never had much flavor whenever I tasted it before. But this time it was different.

The tortilla crust is light, but it’s certainly enough to perk things up. And at just 170 calories and 360 mg. sodium, I can have it for lunch or dinner.

Last night it was on the dinner menu, and I paired it with some corn mixed with salsa, and a nice green salad topped with a mixture of salsa and low-calorie ranch dressing. It definitely hit the spot.

Next week I think I’ll try it in tacos for lunch. I expect that will be another winner.

I’m sure when I go back to Costco that this brand will be gone though. That seems to be the norm with everything I like. I will enjoy this box while it lasts though!

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