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Misleading Nutritional Information

As I was shopping in Costco the other day, I stopped to try a sample of a Better Bakery Turkey & Provolone Pretzel Melt. It was pretty good, but with some Dijon mustard I thought it would really rock. So … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Sending Mixed Nutritional Messages

OK, I confess, I’ve stopped at a ton of McDonald’s on this road trip. But it’s not what you think – they just happen to be my bathroom of choice on the road. Mostly because they are usually clean, which … Continue reading

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Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Offers Healthy Food Choices

It’s hard enough for adults to eat healthy while they’re on the road; but add in a few offspring and it can become a formidable challenge. Let’s face it, most kid’s menus really don’t’ have many – or in some … Continue reading

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NYC Soda Restriction – Good or Bad Move?

Portion control is a serious issue here in America. Let’s face it, for the most part, we just eat too much. And that’s led to a huge increase in childhood obesity. After all, kids learn from their parents.

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New Zealand Bound

Well, it’s time to take my Lifestyle Plan on the road again, but this time it will have an added challenge. First off, I’m going to New Zealand, where part of my time will be spent at a convention. I’ve … Continue reading

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“Cant You Just Eat Normal?”

Imagine the following scenario. You are dining out with family and friends to celebrate an occasion, and you’ve already gone through the menu and picked out a relatively healthy choice for your entrée. As you are perusing the menu, one … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Plateau

Social networking sites can be a great way to garner support and get advice to improve your eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I emphasize “can” in that last sentence, because sometimes the advice isn’t so good.

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Blue Bunny I Scream Treats – Healthy Choice or Fat Laden Confection?

One of the fun things about roads trips is that we get to sample healthy products unique to different regions of the country. Such was the case today — or at least that’s what thought.

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Here’s How it All Began

If you would have told me five years ago that someday I’d be writing a book about healthy eating, weight loss and lifestyle changes, I would have called you crazy. After all, I’m a travel writer. But to be honest, … Continue reading

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