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If at First You Don’t Succeed

I love it when a new recipe turns out perfectly, and I can snap a picture and share it with my internet friends. And although I usually share all of my successes, I rarely share the failures. Not because I’m … Continue reading

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Cooking Sprays – Healthy or Harmful?

At first glance, cooking spray may seem like the near perfect food for anyone watching their calories. After all, it has no calories, no fat and even no sodium. But upon closer observation, that’s part of the problem — the … Continue reading

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How Not to Cook With Cornstarch

In my ongoing quest to remain wheat-free, I’ve had successes and failures in the kitchen. Today, I’d like to share one failure with you. It’s not meant to discourage you, but instead to warn you. In other words, don’t try … Continue reading

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Turkey Ham vs. the Real Thing

OK, I admit it, I’ve never been a real big ham fan. Oh sure I’ll eat it if it’s offered to me as a dinner guest, and I’ve even been known to order it now and again at restaurants. But … Continue reading

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Kitchen Remodeling Menu Plan

With a huge kitchen remodeling project in my not so distant future, I had to really do some creative menu planning, so we don’t fall in to that fast food eating trap while the kitchen is out of commission. To … Continue reading

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Low Calorie Birthday Picnic

I decided to take a few days off and head over to the Northern California Coast for my birthday last week. I wanted to get away, but of course didn’t necessarily want the high-calorie and high-sodium food that sometimes goes … Continue reading

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Clever Tomato Paste Storage Solution

I don’t use tomato paste that often, and when I do I usually only use about a tablespoon. And then the rest of the can goes in the refrigerator, because I really hate to waste anything. But sometimes it still … Continue reading

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Bacon Grease Substitute

I just love Trader Joe’s Fully Cooked Uncured Bacon. The flavor is great and it contains about 1/3 the sodium as regular bacon. And you just warm it up in the microware — there’s no grease.

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Assembling Turkey Tamales

I just love to make Turkey Tamales during the holiday season. Truth be told, I’ll even roast another turkey between Thanksgiving and Christmas, just for tamales. And since my low calorie recipe doesn’t use lard, it’s light and flavorful, yet … Continue reading

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