Lake Yellowstone Hotel Offers Healthy Dining Options

Sauteed Trout

Although national parks aren’t generally known for their healthy eating choices, the Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dining Room is definitely the exception. Not only do they have gluten-free items on their menu, but they also include nutritional information for some entrees. So I was thrilled to be able to give it a try yesterday. Continue reading

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Eating Healthy in a Diner

Sticky Noodle Salad at Phillips Avenue Diner in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

What do you think of when you hear the word “diner”? For me, the word evokes images of greasy food, huge portions and lots of fat-laden dishes. And in truth, that’s what many diners are; however there is one diner in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that offers at least a few healthier options. And I was thrilled to get a chance to eat lunch at the Phillips Avenue Diner  today. Continue reading

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Mixed Offers Tasty Low-Calorie Meals

Being on the road and eating healthy is difficult at times; which is why I was thrilled to discover Mixed, located just down the street from my Sioux Falls hotel. I had never heard of this salad-based chain before, but after checking out their menu online, I decided to give it a try. And I have to say – I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading

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Eating Well in a Yurt

Shrimp Scampi cooking on the camp stove. Yummy!!

For the past few nights we have been staying in an accessible yurt in Ridgway State Park in Colorado. It’s very comfortable, and it allows us to do some healthy cooking on the road. We made a menu before we left on our five week-plus road trip, and will be stopping to shop along the way. Of course some things (like spice mixes) we brought from home, but the perishable and easy-to-find items we will get along the way. Continue reading

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Firecracker Chicken

Firecracker chicken

This is a quick and easy recipe that Charles adapted a bit to cut-back on the calories. I serve it with some white rice and veggies. The sodium is higher than I usually like, but it’s all from the Frank’s sauce, which really makes the dish. Be sure and get the Buffalo style sauce, as it has less sodium than the other flavors. This recipe is also gluten-free, as Frank’s uses xanthan gum instead of a wheat based flour. Continue reading

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Eating Well in the Grand Canyon

To be honest, most national parks are not known for their healthy eating choices, as the concessionaires tend to offer a menu of high-fat, low-taste, sodium-filled options. And although you can certainly find calorie-laden options at the Grand Canyon National Park, Xanterra Parks & Resorts also offers a number of healthier selections at their restaurants. Granted you do have to read the menus and choose carefully, but here are a few examples of some of the healthier food options at Grand Canyon National Park. Continue reading

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Mountain House on the Road

One of the best ways to reign in calories on the road is to dodge the fast food joints, and instead pack along a picnic lunch and stop at parks and rest stops along your route. And although this is standard practice for us on road trips these days, I decided to add a little variety to the menu by including some Mountain House freeze-dried entrees.

Although they were designed for camping and disaster supplies, they are also great for lunch stops. We pack along our camp stove anyway, because we usually stop at least one camping cabin or yurt along the way, so we have all the tools needed to prepare a tasty meal al fresco. And unlike many of their competitors, many Mountain House entrees are lower in calories in sodium. So here’s how our Mountain House choices stacked up on a recent road trip. Continue reading

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Cajun Shrimp with Chipotle

Cajun Shrimp with Chipotle

This is a great appetizer — very quick and easy to make. I think next time I’ll mix up some light mayonnaise with a little bit of chipotle powder for a dipping sauce. I‘ve also tried it as an entree paired with some rice and veggies. Either way, it’s delicious. Continue reading

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El Pollo Loco Chicken

El Pollo Loco chicken — yummy!

I just love El Pollo Loco chicken, so I was thrilled when I found this recipe. I just mix up the marinade and put it in a Ziploc bag overnight, and turn it every now and then to make sure the chicken is well coated. Then just throw it on the grill. Continue reading

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Honey Sriracha Glazed Chicken

Honey Sriracha Glazed Chicken

OK, I know it’s no grilling season for some of you yet, but what can I say? I’m from California and we have grilling season 365 days of the year. This is a super simple recipe, that’s low-calorie and pretty tasty. My only qualm was that the Cajun rice we made to go with it was a total flop. We are still looking for a low-sodium version to add to our recipe book, so stay tuned for that. For now, give the chicken a try — you won’t be sorry! Continue reading

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