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Frozen Chicken Sandwiches Make the Cut

I’m not too hot on frozen sandwiches, as usually they taste, well, frozen.  But the sample lady at Costco introduced me to Pierre Signatures Grilled Chicken Sandwiches yesterday; and I have to admit I’m more than a little impressed. So … Continue reading

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Potato and Chile Scramble

This recipe is my version of one I found in the Summer issue of Sunset magazine. It was billed as a good upscale camping recipe, that you could partially prepare ahead of time. I like most of the ingredients, but … Continue reading

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Camper Van Menu

It’s been an interesting week in our camper van, but to be honest I’m ready to head home and sleep in my own bed. That said, we did excellent food-wise on this holiday, mostly because we planned ahead. Just like … Continue reading

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A Woman and a Fish

Every great road trip includes at least one cool local culinary experience; and my New Zealand camper van trek is no exception. It all started a few months back, with an e-mail I sent to confirm my reservation at Lake … Continue reading

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Bacon Wrapped Cod, Campground Style

While trying to come up with simple recipes for the camper van trip, we had to also take into consideration what products would be available locally. To that end we decided to do a simple but fun grilled fish recipe. … Continue reading

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Eating Well in a New Zealand Camper Van

There are many challenges to eating well on the road, and not abandoning your healthy lifestyle when you’re on holiday. And to be honest, your strategies totally depend on your holiday plans. Since we’re motoring around New Zealand in a … Continue reading

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Reading Labels in New Zealand

As you probably already know, I’m an avid label reader. Let’s face it, even the products you’re  familiar with can change their ingredients now and again, so it pays to give the labels on your tried-and-true products a quick once … Continue reading

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Eating Strategy on the Road – Dodging the Breakfast Buffet

Make no mistake about it, maintaining a healthy eating plan on the road takes a lot of planning. First and foremost, I always try to keep my same eating schedule that I have at home.  This means eating breakfast, lunch … Continue reading

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New Zealand Bound

Well, it’s time to take my Lifestyle Plan on the road again, but this time it will have an added challenge. First off, I’m going to New Zealand, where part of my time will be spent at a convention. I’ve … Continue reading

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