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Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich

Sometimes breakfast on the road can be quite the challenge. I don’t do pastries or cereal, and my usual breakfast of choice in a sit down restaurant is a poached egg on dry wheat toast. If I have a free … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Sending Mixed Nutritional Messages

OK, I confess, I’ve stopped at a ton of McDonald’s on this road trip. But it’s not what you think – they just happen to be my bathroom of choice on the road. Mostly because they are usually clean, which … Continue reading

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Fast Food Chicken – The Good, the Bad and The Horribly Unhealthy

Let’s face it, fast food isn’t good for us, so we should really try and limit our intake of it. That said, when you are on the road, sometimes you just have to stop in at a fast food joint. … Continue reading

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Road Trip Treat

Athough I take care to eat healthy on the road, I’m of the opinion that everyone deserves a treat now and again. Truth be told, I don’t really plan for many treats; after all a treat really isn’t a treat … Continue reading

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Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Offers Healthy Food Choices

It’s hard enough for adults to eat healthy while they’re on the road; but add in a few offspring and it can become a formidable challenge. Let’s face it, most kid’s menus really don’t’ have many – or in some … Continue reading

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Eating Well in Minneapolis

Travel presents a lot of eating challenges, especially for a travel writer. And while picnics and in-room dining are all well and good, there are just certain situations where you can’t do that. Case and point was my recent stay … Continue reading

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No Microwave? No Problem, with Heater Meals!

This road trip presented a lot of new challenges, one of which was finding something to eat on our yurt nights. Although one of yurts had a microwave, the others didn’t. Additionally with the fire bans coming and going across … Continue reading

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