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The Dreaded Plateau

Social networking sites can be a great way to garner support and get advice to improve your eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I emphasize “can” in that last sentence, because sometimes the advice isn’t so good.

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The Right Cookware Can Help You Trim the Calories

Six months ago if you would have told me that my cookware choice could make a difference in my caloric intake, I would have thought you were full of it. I would probably also have assumed that you were about … Continue reading

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A Tasty and Healthy Basque Treat

I grew up eating Basque food; in fact I have fond memories of my dad taking us to the Santa Fe Basque Hotel in Fresno, CA for our regular Saturday night dinner. And as I grew older, the Shepherd’s Inn … Continue reading

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In-Room Dining

There are a lot of different strategies I use when I’m on the road, in order to stick to my Lifestyle Plan. Sometimes I pack along a healthy picnic lunch, sometimes I seek out chain restaurants that have lower-calorie menu … Continue reading

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Kitchen Remodeling Menu Plan

With a huge kitchen remodeling project in my not so distant future, I had to really do some creative menu planning, so we don’t fall in to that fast food eating trap while the kitchen is out of commission. To … Continue reading

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Shrimp Pesto Pizza

I first came up with this Shrimp Pesto Pizza recipe after reading about some other pesto pizza recipes. Since I love shrimp, it seemed a natural match. The secret to this recipe (nutrition wise) lies in the pesto, as some … Continue reading

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Wine Tasting the Healthy Way

There are a number of culinary challenges on any given trip; however some itineraries present more challenges than others. Take a trip through wine country for example. In most cases the whole reason for the trip is to sample some … Continue reading

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