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Healthy Arroz con Pollo

I love Arroz con Pollo, but most recipes are pretty high in sodium. So I was thrilled when I found a low sodium version on the Prevention Magazine website. And then I started searching for the ingredients. The main flavoring … Continue reading

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Quick & Healthy Lunch Pizza

I got the idea for this recipe after sampling the caramelized onion pizza at Fresh Choice restaurant. I was wowed by the flavor, and vowed to add it to my recipe collection.

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Clever Tomato Paste Storage Solution

I don’t use tomato paste that often, and when I do I usually only use about a tablespoon. And then the rest of the can goes in the refrigerator, because I really hate to waste anything. But sometimes it still … Continue reading

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Crabmeat Pasta Salad

This recipe began life as an Eat Better America recipe, but I made it healthier by using fat-free imitation crab and dodging the salt. I was also able to add more imitation crab because I eliminated the salt and lowered … Continue reading

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Riceworks Sweet Chili Crisps

Well, the sample lady at Costco got me again. This time the item I added to my cart was Riceworks Sweet Chili Crisps.

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I Won’t Repeat That Mistake!

Eating well on the road sometimes requires you to think on your feet. After all when you’re at home, you’re in charge and you know what goes into your food and on your table. But that’s not the way it … Continue reading

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Apple Turnovers

This easy recipe for apple turnovers is low in calories and sodium, but still very tasty. I use my home made apple pie filling, but the canned stuff works just as well. And don’t get frustrated if the phyllo dough … Continue reading

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Applebee’s Moved to Verboten List

I’ve always been happy to get any kind of nutritional information from casual dining restaurants; although I remain suspicious of restaurants that only promote their “healthy” choices as having less than a certain number of calories. I mean, let’s be … Continue reading

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