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Chicken Potstickers

Well I had a few gyoza wrappers left over from making my Chicken and Mushroom Raviolis, so I decided to try my hand at making some potstickers. I love the ones we get at Trader Joe’s, but since I had … Continue reading

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A Northern California Taste Treat

One of the fundamentals of any lifestyle change and healthy eating plan is giving yourself a real treat every now and again. The premise is simple. If you continue to deny yourself something you crave, then chances are good that … Continue reading

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Home Made Corn Tortilla Bowls Make Nice Addition to Southwest Salad

Summer time is salad time, and one of my favorite salads in Southwest Chicken Salad. It’s pretty basic — lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, corn, olives and some chopped up chicken, topped with a low calorie southwest dressing. Charles makes a … Continue reading

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Two New Healthy Snacks to Add to My Approved List

Sometimes I discover healthy snacks when I least expect it. Take last month for example, when were staying on our private island in Belize. Peter, the concierge, prepared a nice snack basket for our villa, and since we told him … Continue reading

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NYC Soda Restriction – Good or Bad Move?

Portion control is a serious issue here in America. Let’s face it, for the most part, we just eat too much. And that’s led to a huge increase in childhood obesity. After all, kids learn from their parents.

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A Low Sodium Green Chile Find!

I just love  green chiles and a good salsa verde. And although there’s nothing wrong with eating fresh green chiles, the canned ones as well as processed salsa verde usually are usually high on the sodium. Part of it is … Continue reading

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