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Tasty Thai Tuna Burgers

This is a low-sodium remake of a Better Homes and Gardens recipe. The original recipe used fish sauce, which is pretty high in sodium, so I substituted Hoisin sauce, which has about half the sodium. I also used Trader Joe’s … Continue reading

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Two New Healthy Snacks to Add to My Approved List

Sometimes I discover healthy snacks when I least expect it. Take last month for example, when were staying on our private island in Belize. Peter, the concierge, prepared a nice snack basket for our villa, and since we told him … Continue reading

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BBQ Chicken Pizza Roll-Ups

Here’s a fun little lunch recipe, that’s pretty filling yet low in calories and sodium. I have to admit it was a little cumbersome to move the finished product from the cutting board to the cookie sheet, but hubby held … Continue reading

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Trader Joe’s Chicken Hot Dogs

Sometimes necessity is the mother if invention. Take today for example. When I wandered over to the deli case in Winco, I noticed something odd – it was half empty. There was an employee emptying out what was left into … Continue reading

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Trader Joe’s Crab Cakes

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. Take the other day for example. I was shopping in Trader Joe’s and I had my home made crab cakes on the lunch menu; but I couldn’t find their canned crab. It’s what … Continue reading

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Hearty and Healthy New Mexican Style Enchiladas

Although my New Mexican friends would probably claim this recipe isn’t exactly authentic, it’s still pretty tasty. It’s also pretty healthy. I used Charles’ Mexican Shredded Chicken, which contains no salt, to lower the sodium content; and reduced fat shredded … Continue reading

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Road Trip Food Challenges

Last month we had to make a quickie trip from California to Maine, and although there were a number of eating challenges, we still managed to do all right in the end. I will say that it did call on … Continue reading

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Shrimp Pesto Pizza

I first came up with this Shrimp Pesto Pizza recipe after reading about some other pesto pizza recipes. Since I love shrimp, it seemed a natural match. The secret to this recipe (nutrition wise) lies in the pesto, as some … Continue reading

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Quick & Healthy Lunch Pizza

I got the idea for this recipe after sampling the caramelized onion pizza at Fresh Choice restaurant. I was wowed by the flavor, and vowed to add it to my recipe collection.

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Two New Chip Snacks

Lately I’ve been finding a lot of new lower calorie and sodium snack products in the stores. Perhaps the food industry is finally beginning to realize the need for these items. In any case, this week I discovered Special K … Continue reading

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