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Eating Well in the Grand Canyon

To be honest, most national parks are not known for their healthy eating choices, as the concessionaires tend to offer a menu of high-fat, low-taste, sodium-filled options. And although you can certainly find calorie-laden options at the Grand Canyon National … Continue reading

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Mountain House on the Road

One of the best ways to reign in calories on the road is to dodge the fast food joints, and instead pack along a picnic lunch and stop at parks and rest stops along your route. And although this is … Continue reading

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Eating Healthier When You Fly

Flying can be quite the challenge if you’re trying to dodge calories, fat and sodium; and to be honest I usually try and take my own healthy snacks with me. Of course since that’s not always possible, it pays to … Continue reading

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Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Offers Healthy Food Choices

It’s hard enough for adults to eat healthy while they’re on the road; but add in a few offspring and it can become a formidable challenge. Let’s face it, most kid’s menus really don’t’ have many – or in some … Continue reading

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A Tisket, A Tasket

One of the ways we try to mitigate the nutritional damage on the road is to pack picnic lunches to have along the way. And that’s exactly what we did today. It’s a way to use up the leftovers from … Continue reading

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