Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Punt

Even the best laid eating plans can go awry when you’re on the road. Such was the case yesterday, when we overnighted in Pensacola. From what I read, there were a number of sidewalk cafes around our B&B; but when we hit the street to find them, they were either just coffee and dessert places or they were way too heavy for our tastes. And granted there were a few bars that also served food, but to be honest I just can’t deal with smoke in bars. So after surveying our options we decided on a little Italian restaurant. In most cases this wouldn’t be the ideal nutritional choice, but with a few adaptations we made it work for us.

Basically we tried to order the healthiest choice we could, and then we split it between the two of us. This was very easy to do as the portions were huge. In the end we opted for a chicken parmesan dish with a side salad. For some odd reason the server said that the kitchen would not split that entrée, but she offered to bring us two plates. Fine. I also have to add that she kind of copped an attitude about us splitting a plate. I expect she was thinking that her tip would be smaller – which it was – but if they had some reasonably portioned entrees on the menu, we wouldn’t have to split something.

In the end, we didn’t finish the salad (when split) nor the entrée, and we both were satisfied. I’m estimating that there was about 8-12 ounces of chicken, a cup of pasta, some grilled mushrooms and a slice of bread in the entrée – a dish that was supposedly “one serving”. The chicken was mostly seasoned with a big glop of cheese (which I scraped off) and to be honest our home-made version is much tastier. But it all worked calorie-wise for us, and that’s what counts.

In any case, sometimes you just have to get creative when trying to find something nutritionally doable on the road. And don’t ever feel compelled to order and eat a big plate of food, just because that’s what’s on the menu. If Charles and I couldn’t have reached an agreement on what to split, I would have probably just gotten a small salad and something allowable from the appetizer menu. There’s no way I’m going to order an oversized entrée, just to throw out half of it. That just doesn’t make sense – nutritionally or economically.

The moral of the story is, sometimes you just have to do the best you can in a less than acceptable situation. Don’t throw in the towel – get creative and find something that works for you. Sometimes it’s not easy, but it’s always worth it in the long run!!


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