Presenting — A Healthier Olive

Let’s face it, even though olives start out being a natural food, most of them are over processed by the time they actually reach consumers. Along the way, they also pick up chemicals, preservatives and a lot of added sodium. But I do love olives; in fact I think they should be a food group.

That’s why I was happy to see the sample lady at Winco pushing the new Lindsay Naturals collection. They have both black and green varieties, and of course I went for the green ones. And they are delish.

After tasting these babies, I sheepishly looked at the label, and the news is all good. Eleven olives will only set you back 25 calories and 125 mg. of sodium. That’s really quite reasonable for olives, as they are usually packed with salt. The secret of these Lindsay beauties is that they use sea salt, and they contain absolutely zero preservatives.

So I am in heaven, as I’ve found a tasty and healthy olive. Life is good!

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