Mixed Offers Tasty Low-Calorie Meals

Being on the road and eating healthy is difficult at times; which is why I was thrilled to discover Mixed, located just down the street from my Sioux Falls hotel. I had never heard of this salad-based chain before, but after checking out their menu online, I decided to give it a try. And I have to say – I wasn’t disappointed.

To be honest, the one bad thing about Mixed, is that there are just so many choices. They have soups and salads and lettuce wraps, and even traditional sandwiches. I went for the turkey tomato lettuce wrap which had lettuce, turkey, bacon crumbles, roma tomatoes, sliced red onion and shredded cheddar cheese wrapped up in a large butter lettuce leaf. It was filling and tasty, and the wrap had just 226 calories and 735 mg. of sodium; but I added some honey mustard dressing for a grand total of 356 calories and 945 mg. of sodium.

That’s not bad for a dinner, but to be honest, if I order that again, I would probably leave off the bacon crumbles, as if would really lower the sodium.

Charles tried one of their salads – he chose the green (regular) potion instead of the large, as the large ones were massive. His coastal salad included lettuce, albacore tuna, teriyaki shrimp, roma tomatoes sliced black olives and chopped eggs. He dressed it with a teriyaki dressing for a total of 254 calories and 1714 mg. of sodium. The sodium was a little high on that one, but to be honest the teriyaki dressing was the only good choice for that combination. And we had a pretty low-sodium day, so that helps out a bit too.

All in all, I’d give Mixed a big thumbs-up. They have their menu and nutritional information on-line, so you can check them out in advance to make a healthier choice. I wish we had this chain at home, but so far it seems to be limited to Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Omaha and Brookings; however franchises are available, so hopefully this healthy fast-food choice will grow.

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