Low Sodium Olives — A Great Find!

Low sodium spicy green olives from Hummus Heaven

I have to admit that I’m somewhat of an olive junkie; in fact Charles says I consider them a food group. I add a few sliced black olives to just about everything; and although a few won’t really hurt me sodium wise, I do have to practice portion control.

And then there are the Kalamata olives and the other specialty olives you see at the olive bars or in the deli section of the market. They are yummy, but unfortunately since they are soaked in a salt solution they are chucky jammed packed with sodium. And again, having one is just fine; but these luscious babies are had to pass up, so to keep my sodium intake in check I had to extremely limit the number I consume. That is until I discovered the olives from Hummus Heaven at a local farmers market.

There I was, browsing through the farmer’s market minding my own business, when the Hummus Heaven gal tempted me with a sample of their spicy green olives. Who was I to say no — after all that would be considered rude. And after my first taste, I was smitten. I knew I was going home with a container of those babies, regardless of their sodium content. I silently vowed to eat them sparingly and savor each and every last one of them.

Then I made the offhand sarcastic comment of “Tasty and low in sodium too,” as I handed olive gal my money. She looked me square in the eye and said, “Yes, they are, because we don’t use any salt.” I almost passed out. I could hardly believe it.

But yes, it is true. Their Kalamata and spicy green olives are marinated in lemon juice, minced garlic and parsley. And no salt!! Then they top off the green olives with some Serrano peppers, which gives them a nice little kick.

So where can you find these babies? We’ll Hummus Heaven is based in San Leandro, CA but they pretty much show up at all local farmers markets — even as far away as Modesto. So check out their Facebook page and drop them a note to see where you can find them. They are looking to expand, and with the healthy and tasty products they offer, I predict they will be a big hit.

As for me, I’m in olive heaven!! And thanks to Hummus Heaven, it’s a very healthy place to be.


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