Lake Yellowstone Hotel Offers Healthy Dining Options

Sauteed Trout

Although national parks aren’t generally known for their healthy eating choices, the Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dining Room is definitely the exception. Not only do they have gluten-free items on their menu, but they also include nutritional information for some entrees. So I was thrilled to be able to give it a try yesterday.

To be honest, their lunch menu is very creative, and both Charles and I had a tough time making a choice. Although the bison was highly recommended by our server, I opted for the sautéed trout with smoked tomato salsa. Normally it is prepared with a flour coating and served on a baguette, but they also have a gluten-free option that omits those items. Naturally I went gluten-free. It’s served with a nice side salad, and it’s just the right portion for lunch. I particularly liked the smoky flavor of the trout. And with just 235 calories and 164 mg. of sodium, it was also very healthy.

Red Lentil Burger on a Cornmeal Bun

Charles decided to go with the red lentil burger served on a cornmeal bun, accompanied with cracked black pepper garlic aioli. They also offer a gluten-free bun, but since we just try to dodge the wheat whenever possible, the cornmeal bun was just fine for Charles. Side dish choices included fries, steamed spinach, a side salad or toasted pinion bulgur wheat. Charles went with the fires, which wasn’t the healthiest choice; but I was happy with it, because I got to steal a few from his plate.

It should also be noted that the menu warns patrons that there is the possibility of cross-contamination in the kitchen, so the menu isn’t totally gluten-free. I just love honesty. Bottom line, it you are a celiac with a high gluten intolerance, this restaurant won’t work for you; however, if you just want to dodge the wheat and the bulk of the gluten, the Lake Yellowstone Dining Room is an excellent choice.

Oh, and don’t forget the beautiful view of Lake Yellowstone. It’s just a perfectly lovely place to enjoy a very healthy lunch.

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