Kirkland Ham Now Lower in Sodium

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Kirkland ham. With 849 mg. of sodium, it’s not as high as other hams, but it’s still more than I’d like. And since we only have ham once or twice a year, it’s doable if we watch the sodium the rest of the day.

So I always look for the bright red foil wrapper and pick up a Kirkland Spiral Cut Ham whenever the occasion calls for it. Until last week that is, when there was nary a red wrapper to be found in Costco. Instead they were replaced by a bin of gold wrapped hams. I was devastated at first, but then the sample lady urged me to try a piece, as she raved about the flavor in this new product. Reluctantly I agreed, and she was right, it was very tasty — much better than old red.

Then it was time to face the music and check the label. Having feared that I probably used up my daily sodium allotment in that small sample, I reluctantly scrutinized the label.

And boy was I ever surprised! Not only is this new ham lower in calories, but it also has half the sodium of its predecessor. That’s right — just 110 calories and 360 mg. of sodium in a three-ounce serving. I was absolutely over the moon!

The moral of the story — don’t assume all changes are bad, until you’ve fully evaluated them. Words to live by in the grocery store, and in life!

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