It Always Pays to Scrutinize Labels

Ore Ida potatoes O'Brien is much lower in sodium than other brands of the same product.

Even though I pretty much know the calorie and sodium contents of my regular brands, I do check them periodically to make sure they haven’t changed. And of course if I decide to try another brand, I also carefully compare the two. It always pays off. Like today when I found over four times as much sodium in seemingly similar brands of frozen Potatoes O’Brien.

I had already checked out the nutritional information on the Ore Ida brand online, and found their 80 calories and 53 mg. of sodium in a 1-cup serving to be acceptable. After all, I cook them up in just a tiny dab of olive oil.

But then I noticed that the Inland Village brand of the same product was on sale. Instinctively I grabbed for the sale item, but was amazed what I found when I read the label. Although they only had 60 calories in a 1-cup serving, that same serving also contained a whopping 330 mg. of sodium. I couldn’t believe my eyes, after all they are just potatoes and peppers. The only thing I can figure is that the Inland Village folks also added a lot of salt.

So back they went on the shelf. And I used my Ore Ida ones to whip up the yummy and low cal Cheddar and Potato Breakfast Bake. So remember to always read those labels!!


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