Home Made Corn Tortilla Bowls Make Nice Addition to Southwest Salad

Southwest Salad in home made tortilla bowl

Summer time is salad time, and one of my favorite salads in Southwest Chicken Salad. It’s pretty basic — lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, corn, olives and some chopped up chicken, topped with a low calorie southwest dressing. Charles makes a good one with low calorie ranch and salsa mixed together. And although I also like to top it with a few tortilla strips, those little corn tortilla bowls are kind of cute too.

But they’re not so little, and unfortunately they are chock full of calories. My solution was somewhat of a compromise. I made my own mini corn tortilla bowls and served part of the salad in the bowl and the other part on the plate. It’s was a nice presentation and the taste was certainly there.  And the tortilla bowls are easy to make.

And with just 55 calories and no sodium, they’re very doable for lunch – that is if you only have one!

Tortilla Bowls are easy to make on the underside of a muffin tin.

Corn Tortilla Bowls


2 corn tortillas

non-stick cooking spray


Heat tortillas in microwave until soft, for about 25 seconds.

Lightly spray each side of the tortillas with non-stick cooking spray.

Turn over 12-cup muffin pan and gently place each tortilla in the center of 4 muffin cups.

Cook on top rack at 375 for 10-12 minutes, until crispy.

Fill with Southwest Chicken salad.


2 servings

Calories: 55

Sodium: 0 mg.



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