Heart Healthy Fare at Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill

Rubio's HealthMex Grilled chicken Taco and a regular order of rice.

To be honest, I had never heard of Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill before yesterday, but since I was going to be out  of the office most of the day I needed to find an acceptable place for a quick lunch.  And acceptable to me means, smaller portions, lower calorie and tasty, without adding a lot of sodium to the mix. The good news is, Rubio’s filled the bill nicely.

I ordered a HealthMex Grilled Chicken Taco, a Chicken Street Taco and a small order of rice, which gave me a grand total of 340 calories and 740 mg. sodium. The HealthMex Grilled Chicken Taco included grilled chicken, lettuce, salsa fresca and roasted chipotle salsa wrapped up in a small corn tortilla, while the Chicken Street Taco featured chicken, cilantro and onions with a dab of some guacamole. It was smaller than the HealthMex Taco, and indeed it’s billed as “snack size”, but to be honest, two of them would totally fill me up by themselves.

Rubio's Chicken Street Taco.

I could have gotten by without the rice, but I wanted to sample it for this blog. The small (regular) size is served in a little plastic cup that maybe holds a quarter- cup serving. But that’s a good thing because you can get little tastes of different foods without having to eat a huge order. The pinto beans and black beans also come in the same size cups, but of course you can also get a large serving of any side. The rice wasn’t particularly hot, so I added a bit of salsa from the salsa bar. It worked just fine.

I’d definitely go back again. Those Street Tacos really give my favorite El Pollo Loco Tacos al Carbon a run for their money. It’s hard to choose between the two, but rest assured El Pollo Loco will never loose my business.

The only bad thing about Rubio’s is that it’s a regional chain, so they only have restaurants in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Still the food was tasty but not heavy, so I highly recommend checking them out if you have the opportunity.


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