Eating Gluten-Free in Taos

Admittedly, Charles and I have some favorite road trip restaurants. These places usually have some sentimental value, as we’ve been going to them for years and years. Such is the case with Taos Pizza Outback. It’s just a funky little pizza joint that we discovered 15 or so years ago, and we just keep going back. Unfortunately, now that we are wheat-free, regular pizza is off our menu. Not to worry though, as Taos Pizza Outback has changed with the times, and they now offes some gluten-free selections on their menu. Which was reason enough to revisit this old favorite, on a recent trip to Taos.

To be honest, nothing else has really changed at this place, including the wooden picnic tables outside and the restrooms decorated with customer-generated art. And of course, the servers are as friendly as ever.

We started with one of their great garden salads filled with a nice mix of lettuce, onions, carrots and tomatoes and topped with their yummy basil parmesan vinaigrette dressing. Of course, as usual we ordered the dressing on the side for portion control.

Then came the main event – the pizza. I had a veggie pizza with mushrooms, black olives, onions and peppers and Charles had the Taos, which was filled with mushrooms, black olives, onions, green chile and black beans. And both of them were gluten-free. They were a bit large though. We ordered a “slice” and the gluten-free version of a slice is a pizza that fills a small dinner plate. But it’s not like their regular slices are small either. Suffice it to say that we didn’t finish our slices, but the leftovers did make a nice breakfast the next morning.

It’s nice to see that one of our favorite road trip restaurants now has wheat-free options for us. And not only do they fit our dietary requirements, but they are also quite tasty. Three cheers for Taos Pizza Outback. We will return!

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