Clever Tomato Paste Storage Solution

I don’t use tomato paste that often, and when I do I usually only use about a tablespoon. And then the rest of the can goes in the refrigerator, because I really hate to waste anything. But sometimes it still goes bad before I have an occasion to use it all.

So a friend suggested that I put the whole can in a Ziploc and put it in the freezer. That worked OK, except you have to chisel off the amount you need; and although it’s a doable task, it can be a bit of a pain.

But now I’ve kicked the freezer can and found an easier solution. I just freeze one-tablespoon portions on a piece of foil. After they are totally frozen, I peel them off and put them in a Ziploc bag. Then whenever I need a tablespoon of tomato paste, I just pluck one out of the bag. Easy — schmeazy!

And yes, I know they do have tomato paste in tubes, but I’m way to cheap to buy that!


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