Classico Crostanini Original Recipe Crust

Crostanini -- a great low-sodium pizza crust.

Sometimes I come across some tasty and healthy food items in Big Lots. But it’s really a gamble as most of the time I’m trying something I’ve never tasted before; and to be honest that could go either way. Still, since their prices are pretty low, I usually feel it’s worth the gamble. That philosophy paid off in spades yesterday, when I happened upon Classico Crostanini Original Recipe Pizza Crust.

Since the 12-inch crust was just $1 I felt it was worth a try – especially since the sodium content is significantly lower than the Boboli brand, or even Trader Joe’s refrigerated pizza dough. I’ve been using the latter two items for our lunch and dinner pizzas for several years now; and although they are lower in sodium than some frozen pizzas, they still can’t hold a candle to the Crostanini.

In fact one 12-inch Crostanini shell has just 510 calories and 90 mg. of sodium; compared to the same sized Boboli shell which has 540 calories and 1050 mg. sodium. And since Charles and I usually split a large pizza, that brings our Caramelized Onion Pizza down to just 307 calories and 103 mg. of sodium per serving. You just can’t beat that.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the taste. I really wasn’t expecting much for $1, but it actually makes a very good pizza. The only drawback is that sometimes Big Lots items are discontinued or otherwise unavailable, so I may not be able to find my Crostanini again. Still I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my eyes peeled; and if I find it, I’ll definitely stock up.


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