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Misleading Nutritional Information

As I was shopping in Costco the other day, I stopped to try a sample of a Better Bakery Turkey & Provolone Pretzel Melt. It was pretty good, but with some Dijon mustard I thought it would really rock. So … Continue reading

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How Girl Scout Cookie Stack Up Nutrition-Wise

It’s that time of year again – when the Girls Scouts hit the streets en masse hawking their sinfully delicious wares. Let’s face it, it’s hard to resist the neighbor girl, or even your friends daughter when they show up … Continue reading

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Honey Mustard Chicken with Low-Sodium Teriyaki Sauce

I got this recipe from the good folks at Murphys Mustard Company , at the last Farmer’s Market of the year. I absolutely love their mustard, as it’s  very natural and low in sodium.  Unfortunately it’s not widely available outside … Continue reading

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Low-Sodium Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

Although salads are very healthy for you, salad dressings can be loaded with calories and sodium. Granted, some varieties do have fewer calories than others, but most are still packed with sodium. For example, a 2 T serving of Walden … Continue reading

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Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich

Sometimes breakfast on the road can be quite the challenge. I don’t do pastries or cereal, and my usual breakfast of choice in a sit down restaurant is a poached egg on dry wheat toast. If I have a free … Continue reading

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No Microwave? No Problem, with Heater Meals!

This road trip presented a lot of new challenges, one of which was finding something to eat on our yurt nights. Although one of yurts had a microwave, the others didn’t. Additionally with the fire bans coming and going across … Continue reading

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Special K Popcorn Chips – An Unexpected Find

I have to admit that the only time I shop in a Wal-Mart is when I’m on the road. Politics aside, I like them because they are great for one-stop shopping, and they are pretty much cookie-cutter stores across the … Continue reading

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Chicken Alfredo Pizza

I had a hankering for something just a tad bit different the other day lunch, so I whipped up this Chicken Alfredo Pizza. If you start with a small Boboli, you can pretty much keep the calories down if you … Continue reading

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Chicken Potstickers

Well I had a few gyoza wrappers left over from making my Chicken and Mushroom Raviolis, so I decided to try my hand at making some potstickers. I love the ones we get at Trader Joe’s, but since I had … Continue reading

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Two New Healthy Snacks to Add to My Approved List

Sometimes I discover healthy snacks when I least expect it. Take last month for example, when were staying on our private island in Belize. Peter, the concierge, prepared a nice snack basket for our villa, and since we told him … Continue reading

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