Blue Bunny I Scream Treats – Healthy Choice or Fat Laden Confection?

Sometimes packages -- like this -- can be deceiving. Make sure and scrutinize all the nutritional information before buying.

One of the fun things about roads trips is that we get to sample healthy products unique to different regions of the country. Such was the case today — or at least that’s what thought.

Since we’re landed in the same place for a few days, Charles wanted some healthier ice cream confections. At home, we usually buy Skinny Cow, which we absolutely love. They’re not something that we eat all the time, but since they’re pretty reasonable in calories and sodium, they’re fine for that occasional summertime ice cream.

Unfortunately there were no Skinny Cow products in the one small grocery store in town. But then Charles found these Blue Bunny i Scream Treats that had just 100 calories and 30 mg. sodium per chocolate covered bar. Since we don’t have this brand at home, Charles looked at it as a good opportunity to try something new, so he snapped up a box and added it to his cart.

It wasn’t until the next day until he scrutinized the label closer; and when he did he found they also had 7 g. fat,,including 6 g. saturated fat. By contrast Skinny Cow only has 2 g. fat/saturated fat.  And although the 7 g. of fat is allowable for us if we watch the fat the rest of the day, the saturated fat was the killer (literally). We really try and keep that down, so in the end it wasn’t such a healthy choice for us.

So what did we do?

We left them in the freezer at our last hotel. Maybe someone who isn’t watching their cholesterol will find them acceptable.

The moral of the story is, everyone makes mistakes now and again; and the best you can do is mitigate the damage and move ahead. After all, tomorrow is another day. This little tale of woe also serves to illustrate how important it is to carefully scrutinize the whole label. I guarantee you that’s not a mistake Charles will repeat any time soon!

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